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About Us

Project Lifesaver is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting and responding to the challenge to caregivers of finding wandering or bolting loved ones who may suffer from Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, Down’s Syndrome, Dementia or any other special needs requirements.

Clients registered with Project Lifesaver wear a personalized bracelet. It is a one-ounce battery operated radio wrist transmitter that emits a unique automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day.

Project Lifesaver equips and trains search & rescue agencies in an active response system to help with the increasing problem of locating wandering patients before they fall victim to the elements, accidents or predators.

It is the opinion of Project Lifesaver that radio frequency tracking equipment, in the hands of trained public safety personnel, represents the most reliable and effective technology available to locate wandering loved ones. Project Lifesaver saves lives and further serves the community by significantly reducing the need for extensive search and rescue operations that are often extremely costly in human and financial terms.

Project Lifesaver has become the lead organization in Canada and the United States to effectively train, equip and deploy law enforcement and search & rescue agencies to rapidly locate people with Autism, Alzheimer's, Down’s Syndrome, Dementia and other special needs persons. As of June 2012, Project Lifesaver’s success rate of locating loved ones is 100%. Recovery times for Project Lifesaver clients average 30 minutes — 95% less time than standard operations.

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