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Why Choose Us?

Termed the “Gold Standard in Excellence” throughout the special needs SAR community, Project Lifesaver was the first organization to significantly address the elopement issue among at risk individuals, and since 1999, we have been the only non-profit organization actively educating and equipping public safety agencies in the protection, search, and safe recovery of special needs wanderers.


Project Lifesaver is second to none – it was first and is the only program of its kind, and has been the inspiration for many locating devices currently on the market; though no other organization has been able to replicate our effectiveness & reliability!  Project Lifesaver is the trusted and proven most effective program dedicated to protect, and when necessary, quickly locate individuals with cognitive conditions that cause the life-threatening behavior of wandering.


How? What sets Project Lifesaver apart from all the other options on the market? The answer is simple. As a non-profit organization, we do not view wandering protection and prevention as a “market.” Our clear and singular focus is on providing these most vulnerable groups and their caregivers with the support and protection they need. We see our mission as bringing peace of mind and improving the quality of life of these high-risk populations and their caregivers. Our passion is safety, security, and protection – Our philosophy is efficiency, integrity, and innovation.

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